Monday, October 06, 2008

Andromeda Galaxy M31

I think this is the best image so far with M31.

I managed to stack about 100 subs and a LOT of processing in Photoshop!

The image looks great when reduced in size, but very noisy at full size.Took the image last night October 5th, if you look back on the blog you will see that the same day last year was also clear! In fact yesterday afternoon the weather was glorious and the night was clear up to about 11.00pm.
Other parts of the country had floods and heavy rain.
Andromeda is not an easy target to image, I used 40s subs with my Canon 350D, which was about at its limit with the SLT mount without star streaking.

I'm pleased with this image...I wonder now if I can manage to add together the previous subs from other sessions and produce something spectacular!