Friday, January 29, 2010

Mars and Moon

A wonderful sight tonight of Mars and the Full Moon.
Had a good look with my Skywatcher 80ED scope. Captured some images with the Canon 350D and 200mm lens mounted on a small tripod.
The image shown is Mars and the Moon from my back garden.
Back garden is almost like daylight with the Moon so bright, but very cold, didn't stay out for long.
Mars is in opposition at the moment so it is very bright.
If you look carefully at the image you can see some detail on Mars. I now need to get my Philips Toucam ProII out with the Skywatcher 130m and see if I can capture some images as good as last time Mars was this clear.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Frozen Britain

What an amazing image! Snow from above! (Click to enlarge)
We are now in the grip of the coldest Winter ever. Tonight temperature down to -10 and still falling. The toilet has just frozen up and i'm flushing salt down it to keep it clear!
Icicles like I have not seen since the 1960's hang outside my house and there is no end to the freeze! Clear nights, but too cold to get outside and image.