Thursday, May 08, 2014

Buzz Aldrin

My friend Tracy sent me this photo of Buzz Aldrin at the airport in Chicago on route to Florida. Tracy and her family where going on holiday to Florida and had to change planes at Chicago. Then Buzz Aldrin arrived in an orange fight suite to board the same flight.

Must be such an honour to share a flight with the second man on the Moon!

Colin Pillinger

Sad to hear about the death of Colin Pillinger today. A great guy with tons of enthusiasm!

He took a big risk with Beagle 2 sending it to Mars, but he had the drive to take risks and explore. Imagine what would have happened if the signal arrived at Earth and Beagle 2 began to function...well done Colin, it was worth a try!

I met Colin back in the 1980's at Summer School when I was studying with the Open University. I remember watching his programmes on BBC 2 at 6,00am in the morning when I was doing my degree. A great guy!