Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mr Moon

Every time I see the Moon when i'm with Melissa (my Grandaughter) I show her the Moon and say "Look! It's Mr Moon!.
Tonight she said "Grandad, you always say that and he's not watching!
Well, this is a lovely image that I took that shows the beauty of Mr Moon!


A lovely wide view of Orion from my back garden.
I took my skywatcher 80ED out to try to capture Mars with the SC1.5 camera, but didn't have much success. I have not used the SC1.5 camera with this scope and I think it was having problems focusing. I need to find out a bit more before trying again.
Instead I took out my Canon 350D and tried some wide field views of Orion.
I must admit that the awful Winter has put me off going outside and setting up the equipment in the freezing cold. Now that Spring has arrived i'm inspired to get out there a bit more!