Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, coming to the end of my six weeks holiday! Two weeks in Devon (lovely!) Weather was superb but back here in the North not so good.
Last night brought thr clearest night for months so I decided to attempt M31 The Andromeda Galaxy using my ST80 with focal reducer to give a wide field. I recently bought an EQ1 motor so I thought I would try it out tonight. A bit fiddly to set up with the Focal Reducer and M31 difficult to find with the scope even though I could find it easy with the bins. Eventually got the motor tracking to take images of up to 30s. Although M31 is there in wide field, I still can't seem to capture the detail.. Here is my best attempt, you can see some detail, but it is a pig to image!

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andrew said...

Thats a really nice shot!.You might want to try to increase the ISO.This will increase the amount of light hitting the CCD and will reduce the exposure time.Depending on the seeing conditions and the amount of light pollution that you have to endure,a ISO of 400-800 might make all the difference in the world!.
Clear skies!