Sunday, October 07, 2007

Andromeda and M33

Here they best yet Andromeda Galaxy and first M33 Triangulum Galaxy.
Wonderful Indian Summer weather, temp still in the 70's and some nice clear nights. This morning I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and saw a beautiful sight, the cresent Moon and Venus close together!

On Friday night I set up my camera and ST80 to have another go at Andromeda. Took nearly an hour to set up and centre Andromeda with the 350. I decided to try 45 sec subs as this seemed alright on my test images. I left DSLR Shutter to take 120 exposures of Andromeda and this worked fine. This time I used JPG format rather than RAW.

Later I tried the same with M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy. The results are impressive after a few hours on PhotoShop.

I really need to remember to take Darks as the results have a lot of noise and blue pixels which i'm sure can be ellimated. I must admit that I got quite frustrated with these images because you never know when to stop processing. I'm sure that someone who knows Photoshop better than me could produce superb images from the raw data.

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