Monday, November 05, 2007

Fireworks in space!

I like this image of Comet Holmes...this image produced from two lots of images stacked in Deepskystacker (DSS)
A spectacular object and now larger than any planet! Whatever caused the outburst of this comet is better than any terestial firework on bonfire night!
Since becoming interested in Astro-imaging i'm amazed at the number of comets that are about and can be seen from Earth, this one without a telescope. It's just knowing where to look. I'm surprised that this comet has not had a mention on television, it is so easy to see!
Happy Birthday Website!!!
My website has now been running for two years and I have had more than five thousand hits! (alright...a lot of them mine) ...but when I look at the statistics I can see that I have had hits from all round the world...brilliant!

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