Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dumbell Nebula

The Bradford Robotic Telescope has been down for re-fitting over Summer, but now it's back!

In the last week before the school holidays we had a 'Space Day' with the children in my class. One of the children (Kris) submitted a job to the BRT for the Dumbell Galaxy (M27), Kris was quite excited about seeing this 'object' in space from the BRT so here it is in all it's glory! Not an easy object to image with a telescope as it is very feint and ghostly.

Last night I submitted a job to see if I could capture this space...might be a disaster but we'll see!

Here are the settings for the BRT for our M27 image:

Request ID 33686
Job ID 24357
Object Type MESSIER
Object ID 27
Object Name The Dumbell Nebula
Exposure Time 100000 ms
Filter Type Colour
Dark frame Instant
Site Name Tenerife
Telescope Type Name Galaxy
Telescope Name Galaxy Camera
Request Time 10:37 on Tuesday 18 July 2006 (09:37:57 UTC)
Completion Time 01:43 on Thursday 7 September 2006 (00:43:06 UTC)
Comments Dumbell (Kris)
Status Complete

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