Friday, February 02, 2007

Venus and Mercury

Today was lovely! Cold and sunny!

Sunset was a beautiful sight, the sky turning red and orange, there in it's glory is Venus, by far the brightest object in the sky. Too low to see in a telescope from the ground, but from the window upstairs a wonderful sight. I waited scanning the sky for a second object to appear, Mercury, I have never seen Mercury in my life so tonight I was hopeful!

Around 5.30pm out popped Mercury! Sightly lower and West of Venus, but clear and bright. I tried to image the wonderful sight of a red sky with Venus and Mercury together with my Sony DSC-P73, the image does not really do justice to what I saw, but it captured the moment!

After this I brought in the Celestron 60mm scope tube and balance it on the windowsill to look at Mercury and Venus closer.
I'm really pleased with what I saw, Mercury...for the very first time!

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