Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jodrell Bank

On the North West side of Bolton, there lies a hill called Winter Hill. The views from the side of the hill to the South on a clear day are superb! You can see the town of Bolton, the city of Manchester and as far as the Cheshire Plains and even the mountains of North Wales.

When the sun sets, and the telescope is pointing roughly North, the Jodrell Bank Telescope catches the sun and can be seen easily from Winter Hill.Here was the view tonight which shows some of the old mills in Bolton, Trafford Park (an industrial area in Manchester) and the Cheshire Plain where Jodrell Bank is located. Jodrell Bank is about 40 miles away (as the crow flies!)

On the right of the image, just further down and right from Jodrell Bank is a huge mill called Swan Mill. This was once the largest Cotton Mill in the area and it's now a listed building because of it's stunning architecture. Some of the mills that now survive in Bolton are being converted into expensive 5 star apartments. It must be great if you are an could set up an observatory on the roof of a 10 story mill away from the Light Pollution!!

Hope you enjoy the image, taken with my Canon 350D and 200mm zoom lens from Scout Rd.

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